It’s been one year since you’ve been gone. It’s been one year being without you. GOD I miss you. We have started filming a documentary/video with of your life and your story and those close to you. We filmed me, your mom, your step-mom, your aunt Jenifer, brothers, sister, and friends; Jennifer Welch, Presley, Lindsey, and Joe “hutch” all participated. I’m not sure what you would think of this, I hope you would be proud that were trying to help others suffering from addiction. You were so courageous in your struggles. You would have made such a difference if you would have survived.You were one of the smartest people I knew. All I do is cry when I think of you. This is so hard living without you, I wish i knew where you were. Some people say your in heaven, I hope that is true. I struggle with that now, I find the argument of free will vs. god’s plan too much to comprehend. I do not know at this point who I can reach or who I can help, but i will commit to helping as many people as i can. I am currently helping an individual right now that you used to use with and she is desperate to get clean, but for whatever reason she has triggers just like you did which have prevented her to stay clean. I hope I can help her. Anyway, I love you.