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Know More Inc. was created to foster a community where parents, students and educators are informed about heroin and fentanyl addiction. Our mission is to make a space where parents of users are not embarrassed by the addiction and feel supported in taking the next steps toward healing.

In honor of Taylor Grzybinski, her family created Know More Inc. as a way to share their experience with families going through similar struggles.

Opioid Abuse in the U.S.


Opioid use, specifically that of fentanyl and heroin, have escalated significantly in the last 20 years. Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid pain reliever, is typically approved as a prescription for treating severe pain from illnesses like advanced cancer.

However, most cases of fentanyl-related harm, overdose and death in the U.S are linked to illegally made fentanyl sold for its heroin-like effect and is often mixed with heroin and/or cocaine (not always to the user’s knowledge) to increase its euphoric effects.


  • Fentanyl is 50-100x more potent than morphine as a pain reliever
  • About 68% of the 70,200+ drug overdose deaths in 2017 involved an opioid
  • Overdose deaths involving opioids were 6 times higher in 2017 vs. 1999
  • Synthetic opioid deaths in the U.S. increased by 73% between 2014-15

Todd Gryzbinski, Founder of Know More Inc.


Todd Grzybinski grew up in Maryland Heights and graduated from Pattonville High School in 1991.

Todd’s firstborn child, Taylor, was born on January 29, 1999. He has three more children with Taylor’s mother, Tera: Turner,  Trey and Tristyn. Todd would later divorce and remarry his now wife, Betsy Feutz, in October 2010. Todd and Betsy have two children: Oliver and Ellie. There are a lot of kids, but Todd loves an active house.

Everything changed on October 13, 2018 when Taylor, age 19, died from an accidental overdose of fentanyl.

The family has made it a mission to help those battling opioid addiction, to help parents understand the power of addition, and to remove the stigma from parents as being failures because their children are addicts.

Know More Resources

Drug addiction is a complicated and devastating illness. Whether you have a loved one who struggles with opioid abuse or are looking to guide your child toward healthy choices, we’ve collected some resources you can use.

“I truly did not understand Taylor’s battle with addiction or completely understand the effect her mental health had on her disease. After realizing what my daughter was experiencing, I was embarrassed about being the parent of an addict. I want parents to be safe and not ashamed of their child’s addiction.”

– Todd Grzybinski, Founder of Know More Inc.

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